Monday, July 20, 2009

Myrtle Beach Extravaganza 2009

We made our annual trip to Myrtle Beach recently. I absolutely LOVE Myrtle Beach. It is just a tradition to go there at least once a year. I don't think I've ever missed a year since I was born. A lot of people prefer other beaches in the Southeast because Myrtle is very touristy and crowded at times. I even like the crowds ~ that's just part of the experience!

Just like every other part of our lives, we have traditions associated with Myrtle Beach. We always go to Ultimate California Pizza as soon as we arrive. Here are Brian and Claire waiting for our food to arrive. We stayed at Sheraton Broadway Plantation. We always really enjoy this resort. They have lots of fun pools and recently added a new kids pool area. Here is the huge pirate ship with lots of slides coming off of it.

Here is the octopus slide.

Another tradition is to eat dinner at The Sea Captain's House. Brian and I REALLY dislike those huge buffets where the food all tastes the same. Yuck! We found this restaurant quite a few years ago. It has yummy seafood (from a menu)! Also, it sits right on the ocean and has the most beautiful views. While we waited, we sat out by the ocean in the swings.
After dinner, we went down to the boardwalk where The Pavilion used to be (more on the Pavilion later). They were having Kid's Night with lots of fun activities for the kids. They loved the bouncy houses, stilt walkers, and magic show.

We walked down to the ocean to stick our feet in the water after all the bouncing.

Parker was so intrigued with this haunted house. We didn't let him go in of course, but he was so interested in looking at it from the outside. Remember, he loves all things "enhaunted".

Our resort also had a playground that the kids enjoyed.
The staff also passed out popsicles to the kids. They were speaking Parker's love language for sure. The only way they could have pleased him more would have been to pass out chicken nuggets and cheese!
More beach pictures to come...


Becky said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I am glad you got to go to the beach before the craziness of school begins!

Staci said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I love all the slides your resort had. My girls would love those! Glad you got to have a fun vacation.