Saturday, October 27, 2012

It Was A Dancing Kind Of Day

Yesterday, my class celebrated the 50th Day of School.  We all dressed up in our fun 1950's clothes.  We danced to 50's music and did lots of activities with the number 50.  It was a lot of fun!

Here I am with one of my little tough guys
  Right after school, Parker and Claire both went to a dance for K-4 kids at school.  They wore their costumes, and ran around in a circle for two hours.  The pictures aren't great, but they weren't interested in their 1950's mom taking pictures of them anyway.
 I had to stop by the store for a couple of things when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  

This changes everything.
 Then we picked the kids up from the dance and headed to help out with Interfaith Hospitality Network for the evening.  

This is what happens after a week of school and two solid hours of running in a circle in the name of dance.
 We enjoyed hanging out with some other people from church and the folks we met at IHN. 
The rest of the weekend should be fun too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's a bird, it's a banana...

Actually, it's just Wednesday.  I am trying not to get so behind with my posts and pictures! I took the kids shopping for Halloween costumes the other day.  Parker tried out several that caught his eye.  To be honest, what really catches a nine year old boy's eye is all the gross costumes with blood and guts hanging all over the place.  I like to call them EVIL.  Parker just thinks they are the ultimate in cool.  I tend to disagree.  

So he settled for a banana...
 and a hot dog...
 and an Angry Bird...
 and an ugly mask...
 and another one.  
 He ended up not picking one and left with a plan to wear the same costume as last year.  Which is fine by me! We'll see if he changes his mind before next week.

Our first grade went on a field trip yesterday.  I only have a few pictures of Claire since I was attending to my own little first grade monsters.  This is a few of the kids in her class waiting when we first arrived.
On the bus back to school 
 Last night was McTeacher Night at McDonalds.  

 This was the highlight of the night!  The REAL RONALD MCDONALD!!!  Isn't he cute (in a creepy sort of way)?
 After school today, I found these little people watching tv while wearing matching crowns and sharing the chair.  Of course, I had to take a picture.
 I can't forget to show you these made from scratch garlic, herb,& cheese biscuits that one certain Brianaby made to go with dinner.  I probably gained six pounds from the one I ate, but it was worth it.
I hope your week is just lovely so far!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blowing Rock

 Brian went out of town Friday and Saturday, and I am super proud to report there were no injuries, random wild animal attacks, home collapses, or diarrhea of any kind.  We survived!  We spent some time with Nana on Friday night, then went home to watch a movie and make cookies.  Of course, I didn't sleep worth a flip, but WE SURVIVED! 

We spent most of Saturday at home until evening when we went over to Ron and Freddie's to watch the UT game.  The game was pretty rough.  Let's not ever speak of it again.

After church on Sunday, we went on a little adventure.  First, we drove to Grandfather Mountain and had a fun picnic.

 I was told that this was supposed to be a wild deer chasing a girl.  Hence, the antlers I suppose.
 I can see it now: "Wild Deer, Running Girl outdoor drama. Performances daily at Grandfather Mountain".  
Kind of like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Only not.
 I looked over, and they had spread themselves out on the field.  They were both just sitting there in a trance-like state.  
 Then they found our name on some random monument.

 After the picnic, we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a while and looked at the beautiful trees.  The pictures never show the bright colors, but just take my word for it!

 Time for Blowing Rock!
 Fun at the park!


 We visited several shops and then stopped for ice cream.
 It was National Caramel Apple Day, so of course, Brian and I had to share one!
We had such a fun day, and the weather was perfect!!! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seriously, The Parties Never Stop!

We had a little celebration with more family.
 Claire's name was spelled wrong, but she didn't seem to mind when she ate a huge piece!
 Sandy was in from California.

 Eventually, it turned into an iPad party.

It was another fun time with family! 

Nana's Birthday

We celebrated my Mom's birthday with our family.  Since Claire and I also have October birthdays, we got to enjoy a little celebrating too!


 Amanda made all of us special cupcakes.  Claire's had princesses on them.

 Nana's was decorated for fall!

 My adorable cupcakes had cowgirls and boots! So cute!

  We had lots of good food.  This picture only shows a little of it! 
 The birthday girls!

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite girls!