Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Last weekend was a little wild around here.  Parker and Claire both had friends spend the night. 
The girls loved Just Dance.  Look at that hair in motion.
 The boys played games on the computer.
 And Wii
TV on Saturday morning
 They were worn out from all the fun the night before and such a late night.
Then some type of salon came about.

 Hannah did this to Parker's hair:
Later on Saturday, a very tired Claire and I went with Grandma to the American Girl fashion show. 

 Claire modeled a little after the real show.
Then we went home and played with paper dolls.
 At school this week, Claire and her friend started a business in the hall after school.  They sold Easter eggs for two cents each.  The proceeds are begin split between "the poor" and candy.
 So the next day, Parker began his own little business venture.  He was selling stamps for 50 cents.  I tried to explain that his price may be a little high for a stamp, but he insisted. 
I think I have some little entrepreneurs on my hands!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Folks, We Have A Winner!

Parker had to do a science fair project a couple of weeks ago.  His project was about determining which frozen liquid would melt the fastest. 
And he won first place in 4th grade for physical science! Way to go, Parker!
He was also chosen as Student of the Month for his class.  He classmates voted for him, and we are very proud!



Friday, March 22, 2013

I Figured It Out

Theologians have debated for many years about Paul's thorn in the flesh.  Some think it was this, others think it was that.  But I know the truth.  I figured it out.

It was a fever blister.  That wouldn't go away.  Ever.

Not so bad that he couldn't function in life or share the gospel.  But just enough to drive him absolutely up the wall.  Or the side of the tent.  Or the jail cell I suppose. 
Seriously, people.  This is Day 12.  DAY 12!!! It is much improved.  But hanging on for dear life, Bertha just won't give it up.  She's much smaller and less noticeable.  Nevertheless, she's still kicking.
I used Abreva this time.  According to Abreva, the typical "heal time" is 4.2 days.  Let me repeat.  This is Day 12.
Clearly, Bertha laughs in the face of Abreva. 
Poor Paul! He didn't even have Abreva.  His probably lasted for months and months.  And then a new one would come. 
I feel his pain.  Literally.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20

Happy Birthday to two special fellas. 
My brother Mike is celebrating a VERY IMPORTANT birthday.  It starts with an F and ends with an ifty.  Woohoo!
Daddy and Mike with their birthday cake
Mike shares a birthday with my Dad.  So I can only imagine the birthday party going on in heaven today.  He probably reminded Jesus for at least a month that his birthday was coming up.  I think I may have inherited my birthday love from him.  He seriously loved his birthday and really did remind us about it a lot.  I can still hear him saying, "I think somebody has a birthday soon".  He was talking about himself of course.  He was a funny one!
He probably planned the best birthday party the riverbanks of heaven have ever seen.  I'm sure it was catered by Ridgewood BBQ (Don't even try to pretend it's not in heaven).  Then he may have had a watermelon feast and some chocolate covered peanuts for everybody.  Oh, and favor bags filled with chewing tobacco as parting gifts for all his guests.  If he had presents, I can guarantee you that he took at least ten minutes delicately opening each one while being ever so careful not to tear the paper. 
 I really wish I could see him today.  He would have been 79. 

Me with the birthday boys
I went by his grave this afternoon.  Oh, I know he's not there, but somehow it helps to feel a little closer to him.  I sang Happy Birthday to him.  I even asked Jesus to please tell him Happy Birthday from me.  I'm pretty sure he told him.  And one day, I'll tell him again myself.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun

We had a fun St. Patrick's Day breakfast of Lucky Charms and green milk.  Parker and Claire also found a treat to save for later.

 We all wore our green to church of course.
 Then we had lunch with family.
 Last night, Caleb came over to work on a project for one of his classes.  He has to make a short film and wanted to use the kids in it.  The room was transformed into a movie studio, and both kids loved acting in his little movie.  I hope we will get to see the final video once he edits and adds music. 

 It has something to do with a box.  I think.
Hope you're having a good week! We have Friday off this week, so I'm looking forward to a long weekend!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

In The Slight Chance That You Are Interested...

A few pictures from my class's Dr. Seuss Mystery Readers are on our school system website homepage.  You can go here if you want to see them.  Later gator.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I Have Some Bad News

Well, based on the fact that I'm sitting here in my favorite Friday's Falcons t-shirt and pajama shorts that don't even come close to matching, I guess I didn't win.  In fact, I know I didn't win.  Nobody came knocking on my door to ambush me this evening with a car, $500,000 check, and/or keys to a house on Kiawah Island.  I looked it up, and some lady named Carole won.  In Columbia, Tennessee!!! Right down the road!  I need to make sure you understand.  There were 77 million entries.  And Carole from Columbia won.  So close to me! I feel like there was possibly a mix-up somewhere along the way, and I am the true winner.  However, I'm going to let it go.  Maybe Carole needs that house.  I have a perfectly fine house.  Maybe Carole needs that car.  I have two perfectly fine cars.  Maybe Carole needs that $500,000.  I have.......ummmm no, I don't have $500,000.  But maybe she needs it more than me.  So I'm happy for Carole. 

I don't think the world was quite ready for Bertha anyway.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Case You Don't Hear From Me For A While

Just stopping by to let you know where I am in case you don't hear from me for a while.  The truth is, I'm pretty sure I'm going to win the HGTV Dream House Giveaway that's being announced tomorrow.  I faithfully entered six times a day for the duration of the sweepstakes.  And since someone has to win, I decided it might as well be me.  Now, my only worry is being on national television with Bertha.  Yes, she's still hanging on for dear life.  Anyway, the house is on Kiawah Island.  That's where you will find me.  Driving around my new SUV that is included in the prize.  Oh, and rolling around in my cash prize as well.

In the ever so slight chance that I don't win, I'll try to check in tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Bringing Blisters Back

Fever blisters, that is.

It's not that I wanted to start a new fad, but I now have my second fever blister in less than three months.  So I figured, why not just make it the new thing to do.  Come on, who's with me?

I don't think I mentioned it on the blog when I suffered through the last one.  It was so traumatic that I think I just went into hiding for a while.  Also, I told myself that if I just pretended it wasn't true, then maybe it wasn't.  That dad-blame blister lasted for two weeks.  For real.  I wouldn't lie to you.  Oh, and it hurt.  Really bad.

Here we go again.  I started feeling a little bumparoo on Monday when I was home sick.  My friend, Amy, is the unfortunate fever blister queen because of the number of them she's had in her life.  She says that I probably got this new one because my immune system was down with the stomach virus.  Apparently, these little suckers just wait around to kick you when you're already down.  How rude.

If you are also a fever blister queen, please chime in to let me know any blister prevention, advice, treatments, cures, support groups, fever blisters anonymous, etc. that may be of help to me.  

"Hello, my name is Michele, and I have ANOTHER fever blister."
This is my new life.

I've given this one a name.  Bertha.  She's a real beaut.  Pretty sure she's reached the size required to have her own area code and zip code.  She's probably planning a party and hanging flyers around town that say, "Party in the 504". (504 is her area code).

I figured if I'm going to have them this often, I might as well just give them names and embrace them.  There have certainly been moments wondering why I've been stricken in this way.  I've decided that God is teaching me a lesson (or two) about vanity.  I was reminded of this verse a few times:

"...The Lord does not look at the things people look at.  People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

The poor people around me have no choice but to look at it ~ it's huge.  What a nice reminder though from the Bible about what's truly important!  Also, I act silly and whine and complain, but I KNOW that my little problem is nothing compared to what so many people are dealing with right now.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just In Case You Were Wondering

Just in case you were wondering, we had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time outside.  

Friday night started by helping out with IHN  serving food, cleaning up, and visiting with the families.

 Then we had some free Krispy Kreme doughnut coupons that were burning a hole in our pocket (about to expire).  We made a vow to not eat any until Saturday morning though.  Oh, the agony of it all.
 After our delightful doughnut breakfast, we went to ride bikes and play on the playground for quite a while.

Later, we went to eat at Chili's ~
 and then over to Barnes and Noble.
(and a few more errands)
 After church on Sunday, it was time for tennis.  It had been a while since we'd been able to practice, but the kids remembered all that they had learned back in the fall.  They did very well, and then played on another playground while I tried to learn a little.  I seemed to remember my previous learning too, but I still looked about as graceful as a newborn Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to roller skate.  It ain't pretty folks.  

A little stop by Nana's house was fun.  Lucy Cate came down to visit.  Here are two cuties coloring:

Later that evening is when the fun really began.  I will spare you the details, but let's just say I was sick.  All night.  And part of Monday.  So I had an unexpected day off yesterday.  I'm sure one of my little buffalo was to blame.  

The highlight of the day was the Bachelor finale.  Sean picked Catherine (which I already knew).  He seems to really like her.  (Fingers crossed.) Today, the big announcement was made that he is joining Dancing With The Stars.  That's pretty exciting considering the upcoming season is really, REALLY lacking in dancers that I care to watch.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Great Snow Day!

Our snow day yesterday was so nice.  I had a few errands that I had to do, but Brian volunteered to do them for me so I wouldn't have to leave the house.  Which really meant that I didn't have to change out of pajamas, put on makeup, or brush my hair.  All day.  Winning.

We decided to make some homemade cookies.  My two helpers and I got to work measuring and mixing.

 Then two of my little friends watched the cookies bake.  
Sadly, only one of these little friends actually got to eat a cookie.
 Parker and Claire insisted that we add mini m&ms to some of the cookies.
 The cookies were delicious! 

 I used a new recipe for the cookies.  They were promised to be fluffy, yet chewy.  And that they were.  

Click HERE for the recipe if you are interested

 Then the day got even better.  We moved our Friday pizza night to Wednesday this week because we have other plans for Friday.  

Here is a picture of the regular pizza.
 But this is the one I was craving.  It's Herb Chicken Mediterranean (or something like that) from Papa Murphy's.  I love it! I did take it upon myself to move all of the sun-dried tomatoes over to one side because I don't like them as much.  Seriously people, it is really good.  And I like to tell myself it is healthier than most with the de-Lite crust and spinach and grilled chicken and so forth.  

We headed back to school today, and it was a typical day after a snow day.  The first graders were wilder than a herd of buffalo in a corn maze.  

Then after a busy afternoon of homework, projects, dinner, and gymnastics, we headed back to school to watch two of my little buffalo play in a basketball game on opposing teams. It was a showdown.  We also made a stop by a consignment sale.  Crazy night!