Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Busy (Stressful) Week

Last week, we celebrated Read Across America with lots of Dr. Seuss activities every day.  We also had Mystery Readers visit our room several times a day.  Lots of parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles, custodians, etc. stopped by to read with us.  

We had a visit from our Superintendent (Director) of Schools.

 Mr. Brianaby Murray read to us too!
Our principal
 We probably had at least 20 readers throughout the week, and they were all a surprise!

We also had some fun dress up days along with way too many Dr. Seuss activities.

 Brian and I got to visit the kids at lunch on the day he came to read.

 At home, we watched The Lorax and ate green eggs and ham (bacon).  

 And a cinnamon roll to round it all out.

If all of that wasn't crazy enough, we also had our School Board visit last week.  Once a year, the whole School Board, the Director of Schools (for the second time in the same week if you'll recall), and all of the Assistant Superintendents visit each school.  There is a presentation by the principal, and then they tour the school.  Also, they visit three classrooms for about 20 minutes each for a teaching demonstration.  I bet you can tell where this is going...

Yep! I was chosen as one of the classrooms for them to visit.  I was also the only K-4 classroom that they were visiting.  Oh, the pressure.  You may remember I did the same thing last year at Fall Branch as well.  I kept telling myself that it is an honor to be chosen, but that does NOT take away the stress and nerves.  When SIXTEEN important folks walk in to watch you teach, all at once, it makes one want to vomit.  To put it nicely.  However, it all went very well.  Everybody had nice things to say afterward.  And I did not in fact vomit or die.  


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