Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20

Happy Birthday to two special fellas. 
My brother Mike is celebrating a VERY IMPORTANT birthday.  It starts with an F and ends with an ifty.  Woohoo!
Daddy and Mike with their birthday cake
Mike shares a birthday with my Dad.  So I can only imagine the birthday party going on in heaven today.  He probably reminded Jesus for at least a month that his birthday was coming up.  I think I may have inherited my birthday love from him.  He seriously loved his birthday and really did remind us about it a lot.  I can still hear him saying, "I think somebody has a birthday soon".  He was talking about himself of course.  He was a funny one!
He probably planned the best birthday party the riverbanks of heaven have ever seen.  I'm sure it was catered by Ridgewood BBQ (Don't even try to pretend it's not in heaven).  Then he may have had a watermelon feast and some chocolate covered peanuts for everybody.  Oh, and favor bags filled with chewing tobacco as parting gifts for all his guests.  If he had presents, I can guarantee you that he took at least ten minutes delicately opening each one while being ever so careful not to tear the paper. 
 I really wish I could see him today.  He would have been 79. 

Me with the birthday boys
I went by his grave this afternoon.  Oh, I know he's not there, but somehow it helps to feel a little closer to him.  I sang Happy Birthday to him.  I even asked Jesus to please tell him Happy Birthday from me.  I'm pretty sure he told him.  And one day, I'll tell him again myself.  

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