Friday, March 22, 2013

I Figured It Out

Theologians have debated for many years about Paul's thorn in the flesh.  Some think it was this, others think it was that.  But I know the truth.  I figured it out.

It was a fever blister.  That wouldn't go away.  Ever.

Not so bad that he couldn't function in life or share the gospel.  But just enough to drive him absolutely up the wall.  Or the side of the tent.  Or the jail cell I suppose. 
Seriously, people.  This is Day 12.  DAY 12!!! It is much improved.  But hanging on for dear life, Bertha just won't give it up.  She's much smaller and less noticeable.  Nevertheless, she's still kicking.
I used Abreva this time.  According to Abreva, the typical "heal time" is 4.2 days.  Let me repeat.  This is Day 12.
Clearly, Bertha laughs in the face of Abreva. 
Poor Paul! He didn't even have Abreva.  His probably lasted for months and months.  And then a new one would come. 
I feel his pain.  Literally.

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