Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Red Is Gone

A few weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to a long time member of our family.  Little Red. 

I bought Little Red brand spankin' new in 1998 when my new, full-time teaching paycheck was burning a hole in my pocket.  She was bright red and shiny.  She thought she was so fancy with her spoiler and sun roof.  Her two doors (she would have NEVER had four doors) were her pride and joy. 

So basically, she was hotter than a two dollar pistol.

Then time marches on.

I married Brian, and it wasn't long until Little Red got a new driver.  Through the years, we bought several new cars for me to drive.  Little Red stayed the course.  I'm sure Brian never envisioned himself in a bright red, two door Honda Civic for the last decade, but he didn't complain.  Eventually, her air conditioner stopped working, and the driver side door handle broke off.  Bless her heart though, she was still running,  and Brian was still driving her.  But then it happened. 

We had an opportunity to replace her with a car with working air conditioning, four doors, and amazingly enough, a door handle.  As much as Brian loved sweating through 90 degree summer temperatures while wearing a jacket and tie, he thought the opportunity was too good to pass up. 

Goodbye Little Red.

I probably should have picked up that smashed McDonald's cup before taking the picture.  Oh well!

I was sad to see her go, but we actually just donated her to a family that we know who was in need of a car.  So I still get to see her occasionally. 

And her memory will live on forever. 
(Instrumental music playing)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100th and 101st Day!

This week has been very exciting so far.  It started on Sunday with lunch at Arby's where we promptly spent $20 for three french fries and two ounces of roast beef to share between the four of us.  But the company was nice.
Parker and Claire went to the dentist this morning.  I'm happy to report that they are both in the "No Cavity" Club! I'm so thankful that they have never had any cavities.  I didn't either until I married Brian.  My tooth troubles started two days after we got married.  Literally.  I totally blame him.
(Someday I'll tell you the whole story.)

 The Pinewood Derby car is well underway.  It's final reveal will be Thursday night at the race.  
 Monday, we celebrated the 100th day of school!
 We made some mighty fine 100 year olds if I do say so myself.
 This little old man can barely stand up bless his heart.
 Lots of fun 100 day activities

 He seriously put on these glasses, looked at me, and said, "Call me".
 That made today the 101st day of school, and this lady has never turned down an opportunity to celebrate! So we had ourselves a little Dalmatian Celebration! 
(Get it? 101 Dalamatians)
 We had some fun activities with the number 101.  We also made dog ears with 50 spots on one ear and 51 spots on the other ear.  They all looked so cute, but I could have done without the expected barking and howling.  
Tomorrow, I will be in a workshop all day.  I guess they will have to celebrate "Mrs. Murray's Not Here" Day.  

And I leave you with this...
You know I love me some ponies, but what's even better? Ponies wearing sweaters.

If that doesn't make you smile, then you must be a sad, sad person.

*Bachelor News ~ Two girls went home, everybody still dislikes Tierra, Sean likes everybody, and more drama is promised for next week.  So, in other words, the usual.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Catching Up From Last Weekend

Last Saturday, we went to Wallabies for Chloe's birthday party.  
Chloe's little sister, Ava Grace

Strawberry Shortcake theme!

Claire was trying to make Chloe smile ~ this picture makes me laugh!
A little more successful in this one
 On Sunday, we went to lunch with the Mike, Karen, & the Watkins family.

Wendy and Karen
 We ran some errands and did a little shopping on our day off for MLK Jr. birthday.  Claire has been asking for a birdhouse, so we picked one up at Hobby Lobby to paint.  Parker got in on the painting too.

 I don't know about you, but if I was a bird, I would definitely want to live here!
Today, we are out of school due to an ice storm.  Yay for (another) extra day off!

Unfortunately, Phoebe has been sick all day.  Claire "took her to the doctor".  She didn't get a lot of answers and may have to "take her to the hospital" later.  I'm uncertain how she will get there with all of the ice though.  Anyway, one of the doctor's recommendations was to wrap her totally in white.  So this is what I found in the bathroom.
 She's in a basket with a white blanket and toilet paper covering her.
 We'll keep our fingers crossed that the "white treatment" improves her condition.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bachelor Week 3

I'm a little behind with this post! I typed out my notes as I watched The Bachelor the other night, but I was too tired to post them Monday night and too busy Tuesday night.  So here we are on Wednesday night, two nights behind.  Better late than never I guess.  If you have no interest in The Bachelor, stop reading.  If you continue, prepare for lack of sentence structure as you try to decode my notes from the show.

The show started with Sean and Lesley going on a one on one date where they attempted and succeeded to set a new world record for the longest on screen kiss. Here were my thoughts:
Lesley seems young
Keep your tongue in your mouth for crying out loud
Awkward/nervous ~ bless her heart
Doesn't really look him in the eye

Then there was a group date with twelve girls.  They played some pitiful beach volleyball.  I should add that they were way better than I would have been but still pitiful.  The losing team had to go back to the house and they were "super bummed out" and had some serious tears.  Desiree (Des) spent some time telling Sean that she "enjoys the beauty of life".  He seems to like her still.

Amanda talks to Sean while Desiree listens. Desiree thinks Amanda is creepy and dark. Tension between the two.  Oh no.

Kacie B. tells Sean about the drama between the other girls. I don't think that's a good idea, Kacie B. Don't you see that is putting you back in the friend spot? He doesn't seem happy that she's telling him. She says  she's "not a drama person".  He asks, "Why are you involving yourself?" I think Kacie B. might just be headed back home to Friendville.

(Sidenote: Max is beside me and he did a little doggy huff at the drama. For real.)

There is a big bang. Tierra fell down the stairs. Imagine that.  Cue ambulance. She doesn't want to go. She is adamant about it. Others think she's just trying to get attention. As one girl put it ~ "Clearly nothing really wrong with you little doll".  Sean is giving Tierra some of  Ashlee's time. Ashlee is not happy.  Oh no, she's not.

Finally Ashlee and Sean start their date.  They have Six Flags all to themselves. That is my kind of date. Please don't make me play beach volleyball or jump off a building. I'll take Six Flags any time! They are sharing the date with chronically ill kids. Sean seems so sweet about it and so kind to the young girls.

Enter Eli young band. Sean likes country music. As if I needed another reason to like him.

Now Ashley and Sean are alone. Adoption discussion. He tells her does want to adopt.  I'm crying listening to her adoption story. Now Sean's crying. Oh my. And Ashlee gets the rose. Dancing and kissing commence.

Party time. Sean has a surprise for Sarah. He brought Leo the dog to cheer her up since she didn't get a date this week. Awwww!

Alone time with Tierra. Desiree interrupts. Tierra goes and gets him back. Oh no. Oh no. Now Lesley steals him.  Desiree hates the game. Don't we all Desiree? Don't we all. Insanity!!!

Talking to Kacie. He's shooting straight. Two steps back for Kacie.

Rose ceremony time!
Oh the formality of it all.

First rose. Stop everything. He asks to talk to Kacie. He's sending her home. "Better off as friends" speech. As I predicted. Goodbye Kacie.

Ok, back to the roses. Tierra. Eyes rolling all around the room. Lesley H. Kathryn. Daniella. (I don't even know who Kathryn and Daniella are). Robin. (Don't know her either.) Selma. (Nope. No connection.) Sarah. (Sweetie pie.) Jackie. Amanda.
 Des. (Yes Des.) That was a close one for her.

Goodbye Taryn.
Goodbye Kristy.

Bless their hearts.

Previews showing roller derby. That cannot end well. Tierra causing more drama. Lots to look forward to!  Rock on!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


 Snow Day! 

We got out of school early on Thursday and came home to wait for the coming snow.  It did not disappoint! In just a few hours, we had lots of snow.  

Gorgeous trees!

Snowball fights

Max loved the snow! He kept running and leaping into the air to try to catch the falling snowflakes.

Time to sled!

Catching the snowflakes on her tongue

Snow angels

He got me!

Making an itty bitty snowman

 After a long time of playing, we came inside to warm up.

 I made one of our favorites.  Yummy chicken noodle extravaganza!
 Friday morning, we enjoyed NOT going to school.  Then the kids were quickly back at it. They love the snow! 

My hot chocolate creation was delicious! We do hot chocolate right around here folks.
 Then we spent the rest of the day having fun inside.

My masterpiece

Going on a scavenger hunts for hidden animals all over the house.

 Playing games
 Snow Much Fun! 
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)