Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Events That Must Be Discussed

There have been a few events around here that must be discussed.

1. A Stuffed Animal Pageant

Claire orchestrated a pageant for several of her beloved animals.  The contestants were: Blue Bunny, Pink Poodle, Yellow Sun, White Rose, Plush Appeal (seriously), and Marley Monkey.  Each animal came out on "stage" and posed several times.  There was music playing in the background, and Claire introduced each one using a (drumstick) microphone.  Brian and I were each distributed ballots on which to vote.  It was very well thought out.

Marley Monkey tap danced for her talent

All lined up waiting for the winner to be called

The contestants gathered around the winner ~ White Rose!

It's funny because I can't recall Claire actually seeing a beauty pageant.  So either I have forgotten (which is more than possible with the state of my memory lately) OR it's true that pageants are just in our southern girl blood from birth.  I spent many evenings watching various beauty pageants with my Mama when I was a little girl.  We used to get out our notepads and write down our favorites at the beginning of the show.  Then proudly declared when one of our favorites was picked as a winner or finalist.  I even went over to watch Miss America with her the other night.  Now don't start judging and saying that they are disrespectful to women, etc.  If you feel that way, I understand.  But I still love them.  And this is my blog. Long live the pageant!

2. Naked Barbies Doing Splits On The StoveTop

If this is the direction the pageants are headed around here then we are in trouble...
 Put some clothes on Barbie (and friends)!!!! This is a family pageant! For the love!
Actually, this wasn't a pageant at all.  Just Barbie and nine of her closest friends doing splits on the stove top. No biggee.

3. The Bachelor Week 2

In Week 2, Sean did his best to be as cute and charming as ever. So far, he hasn't let me down.  I am totally confused on which girl(s) I really like and would be best for him.  There was sweet Sarah who went for a ride in a helicopter and then jumped off the side of a building with Sean.  I still can't figure out how those Bachelor producers created an exact reproduction of my first date with Brian way back in the day. He still picks me up in his helicopter occasionally, but we gave up jumping off buildings a while back.

Then there was that whole romance novel photo shoot.  Tierra is still acting strangely which is such a shame because she is so cute.  Kristy won the contest with her "skills".  Let's move on.

I think Kacie B. is going to have some struggles.  Even though Sean says he wants to try to get to know her as more than a friend, I think she is going to have a hard time climbing out of that "just a friend" category.  Time will tell.

And then there's Desiree.  Or Des as Sean likes to call her.  I seriously cringed every. single. time. he said Des.  I actually really like her.  She's pretty, sweet, and funny.  She took that practical joke like a champ.  I would have died if I had been in that room alone when that art broke.  She has nothing going against her at all in my opinion.  Except that he calls her Des.  Stop it, Sean.  Her name is Desiree.  Thank you.

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