Monday, January 7, 2013

Not Your Average Monday

It started out fairly average.  School was fine, other than having four kids out sick today.  I'm praying the rest of us can stay healthy, and that my four cuties will be back tomorrow.

We went to Red Pig tonight.  Fun!
 Then the roller coaster was finally finished.  Putting that thing together was a major undertaking.  Don't let me mislead you.  I had nothing to do with it.  Brian was the mastermind of the project with some very special helpers.  

 So what, you ask, is not so average about this Monday?

Here you go...
That's right folks, The Bachelor starts tonight! Woohoo! Sean is back.  I think you know how I feel about Sean.  So I hope you're watching it.  If you're not, then I'm mad at you.  One of you in particular.  And you know who you are. 

Maybe I'll take some notes and report back tomorrow.  

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