Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bachelor Week 3

I'm a little behind with this post! I typed out my notes as I watched The Bachelor the other night, but I was too tired to post them Monday night and too busy Tuesday night.  So here we are on Wednesday night, two nights behind.  Better late than never I guess.  If you have no interest in The Bachelor, stop reading.  If you continue, prepare for lack of sentence structure as you try to decode my notes from the show.

The show started with Sean and Lesley going on a one on one date where they attempted and succeeded to set a new world record for the longest on screen kiss. Here were my thoughts:
Lesley seems young
Keep your tongue in your mouth for crying out loud
Awkward/nervous ~ bless her heart
Doesn't really look him in the eye

Then there was a group date with twelve girls.  They played some pitiful beach volleyball.  I should add that they were way better than I would have been but still pitiful.  The losing team had to go back to the house and they were "super bummed out" and had some serious tears.  Desiree (Des) spent some time telling Sean that she "enjoys the beauty of life".  He seems to like her still.

Amanda talks to Sean while Desiree listens. Desiree thinks Amanda is creepy and dark. Tension between the two.  Oh no.

Kacie B. tells Sean about the drama between the other girls. I don't think that's a good idea, Kacie B. Don't you see that is putting you back in the friend spot? He doesn't seem happy that she's telling him. She says  she's "not a drama person".  He asks, "Why are you involving yourself?" I think Kacie B. might just be headed back home to Friendville.

(Sidenote: Max is beside me and he did a little doggy huff at the drama. For real.)

There is a big bang. Tierra fell down the stairs. Imagine that.  Cue ambulance. She doesn't want to go. She is adamant about it. Others think she's just trying to get attention. As one girl put it ~ "Clearly nothing really wrong with you little doll".  Sean is giving Tierra some of  Ashlee's time. Ashlee is not happy.  Oh no, she's not.

Finally Ashlee and Sean start their date.  They have Six Flags all to themselves. That is my kind of date. Please don't make me play beach volleyball or jump off a building. I'll take Six Flags any time! They are sharing the date with chronically ill kids. Sean seems so sweet about it and so kind to the young girls.

Enter Eli young band. Sean likes country music. As if I needed another reason to like him.

Now Ashley and Sean are alone. Adoption discussion. He tells her does want to adopt.  I'm crying listening to her adoption story. Now Sean's crying. Oh my. And Ashlee gets the rose. Dancing and kissing commence.

Party time. Sean has a surprise for Sarah. He brought Leo the dog to cheer her up since she didn't get a date this week. Awwww!

Alone time with Tierra. Desiree interrupts. Tierra goes and gets him back. Oh no. Oh no. Now Lesley steals him.  Desiree hates the game. Don't we all Desiree? Don't we all. Insanity!!!

Talking to Kacie. He's shooting straight. Two steps back for Kacie.

Rose ceremony time!
Oh the formality of it all.

First rose. Stop everything. He asks to talk to Kacie. He's sending her home. "Better off as friends" speech. As I predicted. Goodbye Kacie.

Ok, back to the roses. Tierra. Eyes rolling all around the room. Lesley H. Kathryn. Daniella. (I don't even know who Kathryn and Daniella are). Robin. (Don't know her either.) Selma. (Nope. No connection.) Sarah. (Sweetie pie.) Jackie. Amanda.
 Des. (Yes Des.) That was a close one for her.

Goodbye Taryn.
Goodbye Kristy.

Bless their hearts.

Previews showing roller derby. That cannot end well. Tierra causing more drama. Lots to look forward to!  Rock on!

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