Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lots To Catch Up On

 We've had a fun weekend! The weather has been really nice, but it's supposed to get cold again tomorrow.    I really, really, really want some snow.  However, if it isn't going to snow then the 70 degree temperatures are welcome to stay! 

My Silly Parker
 Claire decided to use some of her Christmas money to buy an iPod Touch.  We ordered it, and she waited and waited and waited for it to come.  Finally, it arrived! The heavens opened up and angels were singing.  And one little girl was very happy.

 We had to laugh at her entry in a class book from Thanksgiving.  Her description of how to cook a turkey included shooting it and cleaning it.  The funniest part was that her daddy burned it, and she had to eat it.  She a funny one!
Last night, she went to a sleepover birthday party.  Parker went with me to drop her off and had fun playing on the trampoline for a few minutes.
 Sydney's mom survived eight seven year old girls.
So with Claire occupied, Parker and I went on a little date.  He chose Chuck E. Cheese to play games.   

 And then wanted Italian Village for dinner.  A boy after his Mama's own heart.
That's good right there...
 I don't care who you are!

After I took Parker home, I went Mom's to watch Miss America with her and Megan.
This may have happened.  For the record, I wasn't the only one.  
But you should give me a little credit because I ended up only eating half of it.

Miss New York was clearly shocked that I only ate half.

We worked with the kids at church this morning.  It got a little wild.
Then a fun lunch and play time at McDonald's with The Freemans.
I'm hoping for a restful afternoon and evening before we start a new week tomorrow.  I hope you have had a fun weekend too!

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