Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the road again...

Or maybe I should say "in the air again". I'm off on another fun adventure! Be back next week!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Claire's Preschool End of Year Party

Claire's preschool class had an end of year party the other day. Here she is making a silly face! Showing off her messy mouth!

Loving on each other!
Modeling the shirt she painted

She has had a wonderful year! She learned so much and loved playing with her friends!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Will someone please pass the tissues?

Parker has officially graduated from Kindergarten. (Insert tears here). My baby is going to be in first grade. I just can't believe how time flies.

Congratulations Parker!

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

We have had a nice weekend just enjoying some family time together. The kids have loved finally being back in the pool after what seemed like a long winter.

Today we went to see Night at the Museum. The showing we went to see was sold out, so we were forced to eat at Italian Village (some of my favorite pizza in the world) while we waited for the next showing. It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

More fun at the mall

Finally it was time for the movie.

The movie was so cute! I thought it was even better than the first one.
We came home and broke out the new slip & slide.

They never really got the hang of doing it, but had a blast since Daddy helped them every time! Brian told me he thinks our kids may have inherited my athleticism. That's not a good thing. For example, this is what I did while all the rest were slippin' and slidin' (including Daddy):
I sat in a chair and took pictures! I am a great cheerleader too! However, I do not think hurling myself on a wet piece of plastic is fun. I do bet it would have made for some mighty hilarious pictures though!
Then they switched over to the sprinkler. More fun!

Look what I found in one of my ferns tonight...

And lastly, a beautiful rainbow to round out a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Otherwise known as the day I was almost gored by a longhorn

I had the great pleasure of accompanying Parker on his safari field trip. Now I ask you, what do you think of when you hear the word safari? I was expecting to ride through the grounds and maybe (if we were lucky) we would spot an animal or two in the distance.
Friends, I was never more wrong. We were loaded up on wagons and off we went! It didn't take long before I noticed the MANY animals RUNNING (and I do mean RUNNING) toward out wagon. This was just a regular ol' wagon, not one with any special safety features. I didn't even see an armed farmer lurking in the bushes anywhere. Those animals could have been having a bad morning, and we would have been goners.
All the animals were pushing each other out of the way to make sure they didn't miss out on the feed we were distributing.
Check out this guy:
See those horns? They obviously moved whichever way he fancied to move them. Just for the record, he fancied to move them right toward me a few too many times. He seemed tame enough, but I still question his motives. I'm not even going to attempt to describe his tongue. Just be very glad his tongue doesn't show in the picture. There were lots of llamas and llama-like creatures.
Unfortunately, the llamas were apparently mad at mama because one poor mama got spit on TWICE by two different llamas.

This ostrich came at the food quietly and swiftly. The term "quick as a cat" comes to mind. I think I will henceforth say "quick as an ostrich". If the shoe fits...
And then there's this guy...
He was cute as a button, in a wild animal sort of way.

There were even zebras. This is the cutest little baby zebra I've ever seen. Granted, I haven't seen a lot of baby zebras, but he was definitely the cutest.

Here's the last wild animal I encountered! He was by far the cutest of all!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Field Day Fun

Parker had a lot of fun at his Kindergarten Field Day. They started with lots of fun relays. Here he is (on the left) during one of the games. Action shot!
Talking over strategy with a teammate!The cutest cheerleader ever!Time for the final competition. Parker started out with a traditional approach to tug-of-war.
Then notice how he came up with a better plan!
It was very hot, but they pressed on for a VICTORY!
His class won, and they were so very excited!
Showing off his medal!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Parker's 6th Birthday

Parker has had a birthday extravaganza week! His actual birthday was Tuesday, May 12, but we tend to make birthdays into week-long events around here. That's just how we roll!
The festivities started last Sunday. We celebrated first with Brian's family at lunch, then with my family later in the day. Parker decided his wanted everything about his birthday to center around a Halloween theme. He calls it "enhaunted". I'm sure we'll look back one day and laugh at a Halloween birthday in May, but that's what he wanted!
We had Halloween cupcakes with family.

On Monday, Parker was out of school so we went to lunch at the mall. We also spent a couple of hours trying to spend some birthday money on a shark. We searched four stores, but lo, we could not find the shark. He found a viking dress-up kit to be a suitable substitute. You know that they always say, "When no shark is available, buy a viking suit" (or something like that).
On Tuesday morning, he had pancakes for breakfast on our traditional birthday plate.

Then later in the day he celebrated with his friends at school. They had more Halloween cupcakes of course!

For his birthday dinner, he chose McDonald's.

Then home to open his gifts from Daddy, Mommy, and Claire.

Today was the grand finale. Parker had a bowling party with his friends from school. Of course, everything was "enhaunted". He loved his balloons and his cool haunted house cake. All the kids had a ball bowling! It was fun and exhausting for all!

Parker and Ashley

Claire liked the "sitting and rolling" technique.
Check out Parker's tongue! That's pure concentration, friends!

Jack and Madison

Happy 6th Birthday Parker!