Sunday, May 17, 2009

Parker's 6th Birthday

Parker has had a birthday extravaganza week! His actual birthday was Tuesday, May 12, but we tend to make birthdays into week-long events around here. That's just how we roll!
The festivities started last Sunday. We celebrated first with Brian's family at lunch, then with my family later in the day. Parker decided his wanted everything about his birthday to center around a Halloween theme. He calls it "enhaunted". I'm sure we'll look back one day and laugh at a Halloween birthday in May, but that's what he wanted!
We had Halloween cupcakes with family.

On Monday, Parker was out of school so we went to lunch at the mall. We also spent a couple of hours trying to spend some birthday money on a shark. We searched four stores, but lo, we could not find the shark. He found a viking dress-up kit to be a suitable substitute. You know that they always say, "When no shark is available, buy a viking suit" (or something like that).
On Tuesday morning, he had pancakes for breakfast on our traditional birthday plate.

Then later in the day he celebrated with his friends at school. They had more Halloween cupcakes of course!

For his birthday dinner, he chose McDonald's.

Then home to open his gifts from Daddy, Mommy, and Claire.

Today was the grand finale. Parker had a bowling party with his friends from school. Of course, everything was "enhaunted". He loved his balloons and his cool haunted house cake. All the kids had a ball bowling! It was fun and exhausting for all!

Parker and Ashley

Claire liked the "sitting and rolling" technique.
Check out Parker's tongue! That's pure concentration, friends!

Jack and Madison

Happy 6th Birthday Parker!


Becky said...

I want to live in your house and celebrate my birthday! What a fun week. I bet you need a lot of rest now.

Love the Halloween theme. Very funny!

Unknown said...

I am all about birthday celebrations that last all week! Looks like Parker have a great celebration!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How very fun!

I love your birthday plate!

And I think I love your birthday boy. He is so handsome. difficult was it to find Halloween cupcakes in MAY?!? (Those body bags are super cute too!)

Oh, and McDonald's for his b'day dinner? Not at all surprised. My daughter picks that every year, but since she and her daddy share a birthday, he's usually able to convince her to go somewhere different (which makes us all grateful!)