Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Last weekend was a little wild around here.  Parker and Claire both had friends spend the night. 
The girls loved Just Dance.  Look at that hair in motion.
 The boys played games on the computer.
 And Wii
TV on Saturday morning
 They were worn out from all the fun the night before and such a late night.
Then some type of salon came about.

 Hannah did this to Parker's hair:
Later on Saturday, a very tired Claire and I went with Grandma to the American Girl fashion show. 

 Claire modeled a little after the real show.
Then we went home and played with paper dolls.
 At school this week, Claire and her friend started a business in the hall after school.  They sold Easter eggs for two cents each.  The proceeds are begin split between "the poor" and candy.
 So the next day, Parker began his own little business venture.  He was selling stamps for 50 cents.  I tried to explain that his price may be a little high for a stamp, but he insisted. 
I think I have some little entrepreneurs on my hands!

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