Friday, March 15, 2013

I Have Some Bad News

Well, based on the fact that I'm sitting here in my favorite Friday's Falcons t-shirt and pajama shorts that don't even come close to matching, I guess I didn't win.  In fact, I know I didn't win.  Nobody came knocking on my door to ambush me this evening with a car, $500,000 check, and/or keys to a house on Kiawah Island.  I looked it up, and some lady named Carole won.  In Columbia, Tennessee!!! Right down the road!  I need to make sure you understand.  There were 77 million entries.  And Carole from Columbia won.  So close to me! I feel like there was possibly a mix-up somewhere along the way, and I am the true winner.  However, I'm going to let it go.  Maybe Carole needs that house.  I have a perfectly fine house.  Maybe Carole needs that car.  I have two perfectly fine cars.  Maybe Carole needs that $500,000.  I have.......ummmm no, I don't have $500,000.  But maybe she needs it more than me.  So I'm happy for Carole. 

I don't think the world was quite ready for Bertha anyway.

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