Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Great Snow Day!

Our snow day yesterday was so nice.  I had a few errands that I had to do, but Brian volunteered to do them for me so I wouldn't have to leave the house.  Which really meant that I didn't have to change out of pajamas, put on makeup, or brush my hair.  All day.  Winning.

We decided to make some homemade cookies.  My two helpers and I got to work measuring and mixing.

 Then two of my little friends watched the cookies bake.  
Sadly, only one of these little friends actually got to eat a cookie.
 Parker and Claire insisted that we add mini m&ms to some of the cookies.
 The cookies were delicious! 

 I used a new recipe for the cookies.  They were promised to be fluffy, yet chewy.  And that they were.  

Click HERE for the recipe if you are interested

 Then the day got even better.  We moved our Friday pizza night to Wednesday this week because we have other plans for Friday.  

Here is a picture of the regular pizza.
 But this is the one I was craving.  It's Herb Chicken Mediterranean (or something like that) from Papa Murphy's.  I love it! I did take it upon myself to move all of the sun-dried tomatoes over to one side because I don't like them as much.  Seriously people, it is really good.  And I like to tell myself it is healthier than most with the de-Lite crust and spinach and grilled chicken and so forth.  

We headed back to school today, and it was a typical day after a snow day.  The first graders were wilder than a herd of buffalo in a corn maze.  

Then after a busy afternoon of homework, projects, dinner, and gymnastics, we headed back to school to watch two of my little buffalo play in a basketball game on opposing teams. It was a showdown.  We also made a stop by a consignment sale.  Crazy night! 

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