Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank You Jesus!

We had a HUGE scare with Parker last Saturday. He had been sick for a week and taking antibiotics. Saturday morning he came into our room acting fairly normal, but we quickly realized something was very wrong. He stopped responding to us even though he was looking at us. He couldn't talk, walk, or hold himself up. We rushed him to the Children's ER. Most of what happened after that has become a blur. They did tons of testing including blood work, cat scan, and a spinal tap. We were moved to the PICU. We were then told he had viral meningitis. Later, we were told they couldn't definitively conclude whether he had viral meningitis, bacterial meningitis or encephalitis. They treated him for the worst case scenario. He improved quickly, but developed a fever later in the week which set off a new round of testing. It was all very stressful and scary. He was in the hospital for a full week, and we brought him home yesterday. He is feeling great and acting just like the good ole' Parker we know. We will take him in the morning for a recheck on his blood. We are praying for good results and no relapses.
I had to start to work at my new teaching job this week also. Can you say bad timing?! Of course, there's never a good time for your child to be hospitalized with meningitis. Brian and I were able to work it out so that we could take turns spending the night and staying with him during the day. Parker missed his first week of first grade too!
These pictures were taken yesterday. He was obviously feeling much better at this point!
We had so much support and encouragement while he was in the hospital. Lots of people visited, brought gifts, sent cards, took care of Claire for us, and most of all ~ PRAYED! We appreciate all of you so much!

Parker insisted on pulling his own "loot" out to the car as we were leaving.

We are so thankful that Parker has been healed. Jesus gave us the strength to endure the most difficult week of our lives. We praise Him!


Unknown said...

How scary! I'm so glad he's back to normal!

Becky said...

Bless your heart. I know you are so thankful and glad to try and get on track with school schedules. Hugs to you all!

Staci said...

Oh, Michele...I am so incredibly happy that he is so much better! I can only imagine what a scary week that must have been. I really hate that he had to miss the first week of school and that it put so much stress on you when you were starting your new job. You guys were never far from my thoughts or out of my prayers. Give Parker a hug from us.