Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Fun

We had fun playing outside last night with bubbles, toys, and water balloons. Parker and Claire both ended up soaked, but that's part of the fun!
We were almost ready to head inside for the evening, when Brian and I heard an old familiar tune. Look what was coming down our street!

Parker and Claire had their first experience with an ice cream truck.

It brought back so many memories for me. When I was little, the ice cream truck didn't come down our street (which is really just a long driveway). I had to wait with Heather at the top of the street with money in hand with hopes that we might be in the right place at the right time. Occasionally, we weren't ready for the ice cream truck when we heard that music playing in the distance. We had to run (RUN!) to our houses and pray we made it back in time with our money. I used to get those strawberry shortcake ice creams and the popsicles that were red, white, and blue. What were those called? Oh, those were the days!

Tonight, we went to the mall and of course the kids had to have their usual Icee. We really don't feed our kids sugar all the time as this post would suggest!

In other news....
Claire got a booster seat today! She is so proud of her big girl seat!

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Staci said...

Don't you love how the ice cream truck has been coming around lately? We've not patronized him yet, but I still love the happy tune it plays - good memories! :) The strawberry shortcake on a stick was always my favorite, too.