Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Breakapalooza: It Rained

Today was supposed to be "outdoor family picture day". Guess what? Yep, it rained. It's been so incredibly beautiful all week and the pictures had been planned for months. I was disappointed, but we rescheduled for a couple of weeks from now.

We found ourselves at home all day. It was truly a spring break miracle! I am so NOT a homebody probably because I feel like I should be cleaning when I'm home. It turned out to be a very productive day. Parker and Claire enjoyed resting and playing at home while I did four loads of laundry, dusted our WAY too dusty ceiling fan, and cleaned out my ridiculous closet.

WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, you should look away now. Seriously. It's scary.

(I am truly embarrassed to show you what my closet looked like before I attacked it. I usually clean it out and organize it at least twice a year, but I've been overwhelmed with work so...)


Here it is:

(Yes, I have giant feet.)

(Yes, I enjoy parenthesis.)

(No, the shirt on the floor is totally unacceptable and just fell down there this morning.)

(No, that doesn't make this mess any less embarrassing.)

Here is the mostly finished product.

This is actually only half of my closet (the summer section). The winter section is over to the right and also got an overhaul.

Catastrophe of the Day (maybe I should start a new blog just devoted to our little catastrophes).

What's that? You can't make out what that is? That, my friend, would be the work of a Clairewolf. It is in fact a clump of gum entangled red hair. For apparently no reason at all, Claire stuck a piece of gum in Parker's hair. It was certainly an adventure trying to get that nasty mess out, but we were successful with minimal hair loss. It looks like some kind of bug with a gum body and hairy legs.

That's all folks.

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