Monday, August 15, 2011

The Way I See It, I'm Raising Him Right

If you know Parker very well at all, then you know he loves Keith Urban.  He thinks he's super cool with his guitar, tattoos, and short sleeved shirts.  If you know his mama very well (Parker's mama, not Keith's mama), then you know I love almost all country music.  For Parker's birthday, he got tickets to see his idol in concert.  Friday night was the night. 

We knew our seats would be pretty high up, but glory be we might has well been hanging from a hot-air balloon.  It took a sweet forever to climb up to our seats that were ALMOST at the very top of Thompson-Boling Arena.  That's wasn't the bad part.  It was very, very, very steep.  Parker was less than thrilled.

 But he got used to it eventually!

 About half-way through the concert, we moved to WAY better, closer seats. 

The concert was really fabulous! He sang so many songs and interacted with the crowd more than anybody I've ever seen in concert.  We all loved it!

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