Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Weekend

The baptism was definitely the highlight of our weekend, but we had some other fun events too.  Friday night, we enjoyed some night swimming.  Our swim time is limited, so we're enjoying it while we can.

 Parker & Claire have been asking to sleep downstairs in the family room.  We finally agreed on Friday night.  We TOTALLY expected that they wouldn't last more than an hour or so down there by themselves.  Parker was very apprehensive, but stuck it out because he knew how badly his sister wanted to spend the night downstairs.  Besides one 1:30 a.m. adventure (that I slept through) to go to the bathroom ~ both of them ~ it all went very smoothly.
 Saturday, we went to Asheville for the day.  Brian took the kids to play at Chuck E. Cheese while I went to the mall and my beloved Home Goods.  Then we went downtown for dinner.  We ate at a cute little restaurant called Mayfel's.  It was really good!
 We even had beignets!
 Then we walked around for a while.
 There was a church singing and doing a flag/dance presentation.  We stopped to watch it for a while.
 I'm always happy to see these little people being so sweet to each other unprompted.

 Of course, it eventually turned into this...but it was nice while it lasted!

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Becky said...

OK BIG TIME points for Brian. Bruce would never volunteer a Chuck E Cheese experience for me to shop! Fun!