Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Good

My sweet Loretta is back.  Loretta the Laptop has been sick and at the doctor since Monday.  Five days is a long time for an addicted person like me.  Hello, my name if Michele, and it's been five days since I last logged on.  In the spirit of full disclosure, we do have another computer in this house.  I did use it a very few times, but I had to be a bit sneaky.  Somebody, who shall remain nameless, doesn't like me to use the desktop for facebook, blogs, pinterest, etc. because unnamed somebody uses it for work and doesn't want to take any chances.  Apparently, I am a true wildcat on the computer.  All of those mommy blogs and mason jar pins are just so dangerous.  (I should probably confess somebody's concerns might have something to do with the virus Loretta came down with earlier in the week ~ maybe he has a tiny bit of a case.)  Anyway, she's home. I can quit singing "Near...far...wherever you are...I believe that my heart will go on".

Why is it I can think of 92 things I want to blog about when I don't have access to Loretta? Then I forget them all.  I do have a few things I want to talk (write) about, so I'll be back soon.  I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats...

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