Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Three Years

  Three years sure feels like a long time when you miss somebody so badly.  In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday.  On the other hand, ages have passed since I those huge, freckled hands. 
 Even when he was too tired and weak to talk very much, he knew just how to tell me that he loved me with simple raised eyebrows.  He knew it.  And I knew it.
I would know his distinctive whistle anywhere.  Nobody else can do it just like he did.  I could be standing right beside him or a mile away and know that simple sound as only his.
Until I left home, he never missed a night "tucking me in".  How silly it must sound to imagine him coming down those stairs every night to kiss a grown woman goodnight.  It's not a bit silly to me.  Precious memories.
 And how he loved my babies, too.
Those blue eyes had a little extra sparkle when they walked in.
The best father a girl could ever ask for
 or even imagine. What a blessing to me!
That's my Daddy.

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