Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Happenings

We had a busy December.  I'm posting a bunch of pictures here to remember all of the fun.
Parker received some Boy Scout badges and had enjoyed the Boy Scout Christmas party.

 We went to see Colin in a school play.
 We painted masterpieces.
 I went to a show with my mom.
 We decorated our tree.
 Sheldon returned from the North Pole and brought a new friend, Shelby. 
 We went to the Christmas parade. 

 We saw Frozen with friends.
 We visited Santa!
 We watched movies at home.
 I got a new Santa for my collection.
 Claire had strep. :(
 We played with ponies.

 School Christmas parties

 Christmas at Biltmore
 Uncle Ralph
Aunt June
We visited with lots of old friends.
Leanne and Jimmy
Hunter, Emma Jo, and Kaylee


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