Monday, May 18, 2015

Parker's 12th Birthday (Part 1)

Parker celebrated his 12th birthday on May 12. I seriously can't even believe it. Where did my baby go? 

He wanted chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.
 Here he is with our family birthday plate for the last several years.
This is a very special birthday for Parker because it is his "golden birthday". In case you don't know, a golden birthday only happens once in your life. It's when your age matches up with the day of the month you were born. So Parker was turning 12 on the 12th. What are the odds that his sister will have her golden birthday this year too?! In honor of his special day, we had gold plates and napkins.

 After church, we went to Fazoli's with some family to celebrate. Fazoli's was his choice. A choice that I believe came down to the breadsticks. After all, it's always about the breaksticks, isn't it?

 We also moved the party to Dairy Queen for dessert. Because we know how to party.
Parker's having a birthday party with some friends this weekend, so I'll post more pictures then. If I survive the day/night with all those boys.

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