Thursday, July 23, 2015

Friday Funnies

1. Remember how I just posted about my love for Nyquil? It has been brought to my attention that my brother, who's the pastor of our church, actually mentioned in a recent sermon that he knows "some people" who are actually addicted to Nyquil. I missed that week because I was out of town. But I only have one thing to say to that..."Hello Kettle, it's me Pot. You're black"!

2. Parker recently went to a Bible study where they were teaching about the fiery furnace. He came home and told me the three men in the fire were Shadrack, Meshek, and Aminuteago. He cracks me up! I was telling Brian about it, and I figured out that I grew up pronouncing it "Uh-BIN -di-go", but Mr. Fancy Pants (Brian) said he has always said it correctly ~ Abednigo. Isn't he just special?

(I just looked up these names to make sure I was spelling them correctly. Apparently, there are several different spellings for each of them. However, none of them are Aminuteago.)

How do you pronounce it??? I need just one of you to please say Bin instead of Bed!

3. One more little story for today that I've been meaning to tell you for a while. Back in May, I went to the Garth Brooks concert in Knoxville with a big group of family. Before the concert, I decided to go get a drink (and let's be honest, there were also peanut m&ms involved). I had noticed all the little whipper snapper twenty-somethings simply stepping over the empty seat in front of them instead of having to crawl over people to make it to the aisle. You see where this is going, right? I knew it was a bad idea before I even started. Unfortunately, I had a family full of cheerleaders who were encouraging me. I'm not even kidding when I tell you that my sister-in-law was LITERALLY cheering, "You can do it! You can do it!" The first foot seemed to go over with ease. As my 39 year old second foot tried to stick the landing, the chair quickly folded under me and trapped my leg as I fell so gracefully to the floor. At this point, my mom is up there yelling, "Her ankle is probably broken!" and my niece Megan was gently chanting, "You're ok, you're ok" as if I was a toddler who just fell off a swing at the playground. Meanwhile, other family members are laughing and thousands (maybe millions) of strangers are looking to see what other kind of pre-concert entertainment I might provide. I'm actually surprised Garth didn't add me to his tour line-up. I make a great opening act!

Please tell me you've done something embarrassing like falling in front of a stadium full of people!

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