Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My 100th post

In honor of my 100th post, here are 100 random things about me. I do not promise it will be exciting, only random. Shall we begin...
  1. I'm not sure I can think of 100 random things.
  2. My favorite color is orange. Always has been.
  3. I love to talk.
  4. I especially love details.
  5. I cry very easily.
  6. My family used to give me a hard time about crying so much.
  7. I love fall the most of all the seasons.
  8. Right now I'm pretty fond of spring too!
  9. I love the beach.
  10. Especially Myrtle Beach.
  11. I have two older brothers which makes me the baby and the only girl.
  12. I may have been a little spoiled.
  13. I may still be a little spoiled.
  14. I'm addicted to my Blackberry, computer, email, and blogs.
  15. I am slowly but surely convincing all my friends to blog. If I haven't got you yet, I will.
  16. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be two things, a teacher and a mommy.
  17. I'm living my dream!
  18. My little boy is so much like me it's scary.
  19. Bless his heart!
  20. My little girl is totally opposite.
  21. Although I think they look alike.
  22. I look like my dad. A lot. Only two people have ever said I look like my mom.
  23. My mom is beautiful! (If I do say so myself)
  24. I love to plan stuff!
  25. Events, trips, lessons, you name it ~ I plan it!
  26. I also like to make lists.
  27. I really love to mark them off as I complete them.
  28. I had braces when I was in middle school.
  29. My teeth never got as straight as they should have.
  30. It makes me mad.
  31. When I was younger, I had one blue eye and one green eye.
  32. I used to do crazy stuff on my bicycle (with no helmet of course).
  33. I can't skate.
  34. I can't ski.
  35. I HATE green beans.
  36. I was saved very young.
  37. I am thankful for that.
  38. I love magazines.
  39. I'm addicted to reality tv.
  40. Not all of it, but a lot of it.
  41. I couldn't live without my DVR.
  42. I used to have a Tivo.
  43. I liked it better than the DVR I have now.
  44. I collect cookbooks.
  45. And serving dishes.
  46. Which I hardly use.
  47. I like to cook.
  48. But I'm not very adventurous with it.
  49. Nobody cooks better than my mom.
  50. Nobody.
  51. And if it was made in her kitchen, it automatically tastes better.
  52. That's just the way it is.
  53. I love tulips.
  54. And weeping willow trees.
  55. I have the best husband.
  56. I don't deserve him.
  57. I'm really hard on myself.
  58. Really, really hard on myself.
  59. I like to grocery shop. Sometimes.
  60. I have the most wonderful friends in the whole world!
  61. Lots of "old friends" who seem to keep loving me even though they know me really well!
  62. Lots of "new friends" who haven't experienced all my quirks yet!
  63. I love having people around me. Constantly!
  64. I love my birthday and look forward to it all year.
  65. I love planning parties, especially birthday parties for my kids.
  66. I love Christmas, even though I seem to end up with scrooges around me!
  67. I like doing paperwork.
  68. And all the stuff that goes with it including cute folders, notebooks, paper clips, etc.
  69. That doesn't make me a nerd!
  70. I love scrapbooking.
  71. I'm WAY behind.
  72. So I'm blogging instead to have some type of record of our life.
  73. I enjoy decorating.
  74. I just had to stop and ask my bff to help me think of random facts.
  75. She said:
  76. hypochondriac (so true)
  77. Love Southern Living at Home (yep!)
  78. I was a cheerleader (back in the day)
  79. I have a broken toenail (yes, I share everything)
  80. I have a perfectly fine purse, but think I need a new one (I plead the 5th)
  81. I hate purple (Hate is a strong word, I would say I don't care for purple very much)
  82. I don't like change (at all)
  83. I say "whatever" a lot (whatever)
  84. I have weird family phrases that make no sense (smack me a somerset)
  85. I met some celebrity she can't remember who (Mel Gibson)
  86. That's enough of that. I'll take over from here.
  87. I am sarcastic.
  88. I add the word extravaganza to everything I like.
  89. Oreo Extravaganza (formerly known as dirt pie, but that sounded nasty)
  90. Chicken Noodle Extravaganza
  91. Vacation Extravaganza
  92. You get the point.
  93. I say "That's how I roll".
  94. And other phrases that make me sound like a dork.
  95. I do not like snow in April.
  96. I just let me kids eat a cupcake for breakfast. It's Spring Break and we're livin' it up!
  97. I can type really fast.
  98. I can text faster than anybody my age should be able to.
  99. I'm 33.
  100. I'm tired from all the random thinking.


Melissa said...

Oh the braces thing would make me mad! I just got mine off and I don't think mine are as straight as they could be. Oh well. Great list!!

Staci said...

This is cute. I love random lists and I can't believe you've already done 100 posts!

Michele said...

Oh my goodness! I just love your list. We have lots in common. I love to talk and I love details. I also cry a lot. I love the beach like crazy!!! You are so sweet with the things you said about your Mom. I think my Mom's cooking, in her kitchen, is the best too! I love to scrapbook and I am WAYYY behind too. That's why I love blogging.

Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. Have a blessed Easter!

Unknown said...

I know Im late but I had to say Happy 100!!

I loved reading all about you but I must say that #80 made me like you even more!

LisaLisa said...

I am very proud to say I already knew almost all this about you...awww...you do share a lot. Haha! :) Love this list! Love you!