Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where should I begin?

I'm back and I have so much to tell you. I guess I'll start with this:
We listed our house ~ AGAIN! We tried to sell it last summer and are hoping for better luck this time. I've been busy cleaning and throwing out stuff. How does a family of four accumulate so much stuff in just one year? We did all this prep work last spring before we put it on the market. You'd think there wouldn't be that much to do. It was considerably less this time around, but still. Oh, and have you ever tried to keep a house clean and picked up with two little people who make it their main goal in life to make a mess? Well, I have!
So far we've had an open house and four other showings. We've had a lot of positive feedback but no offers. We have a lot of peace in knowing that God's timing is perfect, but it sure is hard to wait sometimes. It seems that lately our lives have been out of control. We have lots of unanswered questions but we are hopeful as we anticipate the future! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!
Here is a song that I am absolutely loving these days:


Becky said...

Hello cute blog, I've missed you.

Any ideas on where you're moving? Move to our neighborhood. (I am always trying to convince friends to move over here!)

Staci said...

Hey! I love the new layout on your blog.

I'll keep my fingers crossed about a buyer, but selfishly I hate to see you guys move out of the neighborhood.

I think "While I'm Waiting" is my very favorites song right now, too. Amazing!

Shannon Willcutt said...

Love the's my favorite, too! Your new blog layout is those trees in your header...they gave me a little spark for a canvas idea :)

Good luck on selling your house! We went through that about 5 years ago...bad, bad, market...but our house sold in 37 days. I am a wee bit of a nerd (I loooove to write), so I kept a notebook detailing every showing and comments from the lookers and any comments / criticisms they made...then we fixed anything that they thought needing fixing. I truly believe that notebook coupled with LOTS and LOTS of praying sold that house!!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!

Shannon said...

good luck with the sale.