Sunday, November 29, 2009

Deck The Halls

Parker and Claire really enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree. They also helped me with other decorations and really loved seeing our Nativity scene come back out of it's box.
The decorating is almost finished. Sadly, we have a few items missing! I can't find my Snowman collection, and Parker is very distraught that a certain Jack Sparrow ornament has yet to be found. Brian assures me that all of the Christmas boxes came down from the attic so where oh where can they be???

A new Christmas decorating tradition? Why not?!?!!!!

If you've never experienced Greg's pizza, well... I'm sorry. Truly, truly sorry.

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Michele said...

Seeing our Nativity set come out is one of my favorite things too!!! I'm so excited about Christmas. I hope to start decorating this week!! Thank you for visiting my blog.