Friday, December 18, 2009

Good News and Bad News!

Here's the good news...
Claire had a pajama party at school today. Here she is this morning before school. I bought her the cutest pajamas, but she insisted on wearing these ballerina pajamas that she already had. They're cute too and actually warmer so I decided not to pick that battle! I actually wrapped a few presents! Granted, they were teacher gifts, and I had no choice but to get them wrapped. Nevertheless, it's progress. I'm using a polka dot theme for wrapping this year.
We are getting TONS of snow right now! This is the most snow we've had since either of my children were born. It is so exciting for them, and they are thrilled beyond measure to play in it tomorrow. It sure is beautiful!

Here's the bad news...
Brian is totally stuck in this huge snowstorm twenty miles from home. He was on the side of the road for about five hours, but he just now made it to a nearby hotel. I'm relieved that he's safe and warm, but I'm lonely here without him. I'm also praying we don't lose electricity. A lot of people are already without power.

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