Saturday, February 6, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I'm a week behind, but I still wanted to share our fun from last weekend with you. We spent last Friday night at Brian's mom and dad's house in anticipation of the Blizzard O' 2010 Part II. Parker and Claire were extra excited because they got to spend the weekend with their cousins. Here's some of the fun that was had by all...

Nothing like some indoor (lots of breakable stuff around) football
Wii fun
Some laying around
Here's what we woke up to Saturday morning. It wasn't as much as predicted, but we still had A LOT of snow.
The frozen pool
Claire spent a lot of time loving on Meg and Oreo.
I read magazines
And finished my book

Then in was time to play outside ~ lots of flying snowballs
Parker had to eat a big chunk of course

Time for hot chocolate

Hot tub felt great
Even though we could have easily made it home Saturday, we stayed all night again because the kids were begging us and having so much fun.
And finally...
Look who finally lost his tooth!
He was the proud owner of a new dollar which he promptly spent on a bad of gummy worms. It became apparent that we are only amateur tooth fairies. Our experience involved three unsuccessful attempts only to never actually find the minuscule tooth that night (he refused to put it in a bag or pouch). I found the tooth on the floor at the END of Parker's bed the next morning. I have no idea how in the world it ended up way down there. I guess we will have lots more practice over the next few years.

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