Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dragons & Lobsters

Parker has been absolutely beside himself waiting for the movie "How To Train Your Dragon" to come out. Today was the day that he finally got to see it! It was a really cute movie with as many different sizes and shapes of dragons that you can imagine.
Overheard during the movie:
Parker: "I wish my popcorn was 3D"
Claire: "Bless that dragon's heart"
After the movie, we went to Red Lobster (Parker and Claire's choice). I think they really just want to go there to see the lobsters. Claire actually touched one of them today.

After lunch, we went to visit Dad in the nursing home. Parker, Claire, and I took a walk around the neighborhood when we got home because it was such a pretty day. We played outside for awhile, and now Brian has some friends over to watch UFC. I like to call it "Fight to the Death". I had really planned to clean out my closet tonight. Since I'm on the computer while watching What Not To Wear, that's not likely going to happen.

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