Monday, March 8, 2010

Catching Up

I've been putting off a blog post because technically this is my 200th post. I just felt like #200 should be something more exciting than just our day to day happenings. I feel like I'm getting too far behind though, so here you go!

Last week at school, we celebrated Read Across America with tons of Dr. Seuss activities all week. Brian stopped by one day to read to my class. Doesn't he look thrilled? This picture totally cracks me up!
Here's Parker getting ready for his hat parade.
Friday night we went to Fun Expedition with a group from church. Great fun was had by all! Four out of four of us left there worn out!
This huge slide kept Parker and Claire entertained for at least an hour. I wish I had counted how many times they climbed up and slid down. They had so much fun, but were VERY tired!

Yesterday after church, we wanted to get out in the warmer than usual weather. We first took the kids to a smaller playground, but they begged to please go to the park with the "bumpy slide". So off we went!
Here are Parker and Brian in the brand new tree house.

Claire found a couple of friends from school to play with too!

I'm thinking of doing a few posts with pictures from different parts of my life in honor of my 200th because nothing says 200 like baby pictures, right?
Stay tuned...

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