Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Pumpkinhead!


I can't believe you're 7 today! What a blessing we received when you came into this world! I still thank Jesus every day that I get to be your mommy. You are such a complex little boy! I have always known you are quite unique, and there is no one else in this whole world just like you. You are so funny! The stories you tell me reveal your intense imagination and deep thinking. You have so many thoughts and questions that you challenge me to think beyond easy, simple answers.

Music and art continue to be your main interests. You still seem to be very interested in playing instruments, especially the guitar and drums. When you want to rest, we often find you drawing on your "handy-dandy notebook". This has always been your favorite quiet hobby. Drawing is such a talent that you possess. I love to watch you draw a picture from beginning to end because the way you see the finished product before you even start is simply amazing. It often takes me quite a while to figure out your picture because you don't always start where others might think to begin. As I'm watching you draw, it's like all of a sudden it all just becomes so clear and I can see what you saw all along. You are truly an artist!

Life has asked you to accept several challenges this past year. When you were so sick and in the hospital for a whole week, I was terrified. It was the most difficult week of my life, and I praise God that he healed you. I can't imagine that any other child could have ever been as brave and compliant as you were during that very difficult time. I was and still am so proud of you for you definitely showed maturity way beyond your years. Immediately after your illness, you had to start first grade at a new school. I still can't believe how easily you adapted to your new environment and friends. I've always said that you've never met a stranger! Everyone loves you as soon as they meet you!

As I looked at your sweet face today, I could only see a tiny glimpse of that baby I held in my arms seven years ago. As tears filled me eyes, I refused to be sad but chose to be thankful for all that you have become. I see a handsome, strong boy who loves life and is ready to take on the world. You're taller, your features are becoming more defined, and you even have two big-boy teeth!

I am so thankful that you recently asked Jesus into your heart! Nothing in this world could make me happier! As I look forward to your next year and many years to come, I can't wait to see what God has planned for your life. I pray that you will always seek Him!

I am honored to be your mother, and I will always love you with all of my heart!



Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

That was so sweet, Michele! I have tears in my eyes! You are such an amazing mother to your children. One day they will appreciate these letters.