Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Update of Sorts

 1. I finally got my Christmas cards addressed!

 2. All of the kids presents are wrapped and under the tree!

3. I still have quite a few presents to wrap, but that's ok.

4. This week is insane at school.  We have Christmas Around The World going on in first and second grade.   So that means Monday-Thursday I have a different group of kids every afternoon to teach all about Christmas in Australia.  Merry Christmas mates!

5. I was also CRAZZZZZZEEEEEEE enough to schedule elf day, reindeer day, Grinch day, party day, AND Polar Express day for this week. 

6. Oh, and we still have to cover all of the "regular" stuff too for math and literacy.

7. And a writing assessment

8. And first grade literacy night at school

9. I also have to make about thirty batches of cracker candy (that might be a slight exaggeration).

10. And food for the faculty luncheon.

11. And cookies for the Bible study cookie swap.  I decided to skip this one.

12. Sheldon the Elf has managed to move to a new location every night of December except one.  We still aren't sure why he stayed in the same spot for two days.  Some of the reasons being considered are:
           A. He can see a lot from way up there
           B. He was tired and needed to rest for the night
I'm sure it was one of those...

13. I'm looking forward to Christmas break! I'm sure I'll get all caught up on everything, my house will be spotless, and I'll blog every day. (insert sarcasm here)

14. Well, I'm off to make Grinch juice and attach little tags to green candy canes. Gotta go, buffalo!

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