Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are You A Bobcat Believer?

Back around Christmas, my family went through a little bit of a crazy phase.  Actually, we live in a continual crazy phase.  This was just beyond crazy.

It all started when Andy made a comment about thinking he saw a bobcat in my mom's yard.  Oh, he was sure that, without a doubt, it was a bobcat.  Then Mom/Nana started saying that yes, indeed she had seen a bobcat at a different time. 

In an effort to convince the rest of the family, much insanity ensued. 

There was food left out to entice the bobcat to visit.

There was a camera installed.  I'm not kidding.
(I told you we are crazy.)

There were multiple gatherings at Mom/Nana's house.  Some of us were there to watch for a bobcat sighting.  Others of us (ahem) were there to eat and talk.

Here are a few pictures of one Bobcat Gathering:

The dogs were especially on the lookout.
  "One thing you don't want to be when a bobcat is around is a small dog." ~Charlie and Bear
See, some of us were just hanging out, eating, and talking.

Others were literally staring out the window at the alleged bobcat hideout.

There was musical entertainment.
(Probably a song about a bobcat.)
Max even made it to the party.  He thinks he sees a bobcat on the ceiling.

Wonder why you can't see anything in this picture?
That's because a bunch of crazies were sitting in total darkness staring out the sunroom window. 
Looking for a bobcat.
The whole thing went on for a couple of weeks.  Because the crazy runs deep.

There were pictures like this sent around to each other...
There were even persuasive videos made...

In the end, some still believe there was an actual bobcat visiting the premises.  Others have concluded a very large house cat may have been an impostor bobcat.  Others just think everybody is crazy. 

I'll let you guess which group in which I belong.

I love my crazy family!


Rachael said...

Its about being together... regardless of the reason for getting together! :)

Christi said...

Ha! Love this story! It's something my family roils do!