Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Love Savannah!

We started our Spring Break trip with a stop in Savannah, Georgia. I love to visit Savannah any chance I get. Several years ago, Brian and I took a short trip to explore Savannah and Charleston for a few days. We really loved both cities, but I have to say that Savannah was our favorite. Since that trip, we've taken the kids a few times (usually just on the way or home from Florida). 

This beautiful fountain at Forsyth Park is one of my favorite parts of Savannah. The trees surrounding it on all sides with the moss hanging ~ be still my heart. Absolutely beautiful!

Another part of the park that we enjoy is the big playground.

Notice every one of those kids up there and one random dad. They were all playing a massive game of tag. I loved watching a bunch of kids from all different places play together as if they'd known each other forever. They would gather on the top to choose who was "it" then take off in all directions. Fun!

We spent a little time walking through the squares and seeing the gorgeous homes.

We've never eaten at Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady & Sons. Often we end up walking or driving by there, but we end up eating somewhere else. To be honest, the reviews I've read just aren't that great. If I'm going to eat (and trust me I am), then I want it to be great!
On my first trip to Savannah, we found Vinnie Van Gogo's pizza in a little area we love called City Market. The kids loved their HUGE pieces of pizza!
While the kids ate their pizza, Brian and I enjoyed eating at a little place also located in City Market called Anna's. We've eaten at Anna's every time we've been in Savannah. The food is always so good! However, I will say the service is lacking. One of the reasons we love eating there so much is the outdoor patio that faces the City Market area. It's so nice to sit outside and enjoy the food. Just plan on it taking a little while to be greeted and served! 

Brian and I shared this delicious pasta and crab cakes.

Another part of Savannah that we enjoy exploring is the riverfront.

Savannah is super close to Tybee Island, so we like to head over there as well. The water was so cold, but I'll take the beach any way I can get it!

The Tybee Island Lighthouse
Visiting Savannah was such a fun way to start our vacation!

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