Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Update: Please Just Eat The Chicken

I promise I am going to post our Spring Break pictures soon, but I need to do a quick weekend update first. Over the last few days, we've been busy. I had a much needed hair appointment. Goodbye dark roots and fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows.

 Claire's artwork was chosen to be on display at a county art show. What a honor!
  On Saturday, Brian and Parker went to sell Boy Scout Expo tickets at Lowe's, so Megan came over to walk and ride bikes with Claire and me. The weather all weekend was warm and beautiful!
  At church on Sunday, the kids learned about Jesus washing the disciples' feet. They served each other and practiced humility by washing the dirt off of each other's hands.

The big news is that Mr. Max the Furry Murray got sick on Friday morning. After two days and not getting any better, we had to make a trip to the emergency vet. 

I sure do love this sweetie!   

 After a lot of tests, and A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY, we took him home about midnight Saturday night with some medicine. They were able to rule out some pretty serious stuff, so we think he just has an infection of some kind. He still isn't eating very much at all, but overall he seems to be getting a little bit better. We are supposed to be giving him plain boiled chicken and white rice (yuck), and he isn't a fan. I've basically been following him around for three days saying, "Max, please just eat some chicken. Just one bite, Max? Hey, I have an idea, let's eat some yummy boiled chicken!" No. He just wasn't interested other than a few bites every once in a while. At some point, I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard me wailing, "For the love, please just EAT THE CHICKEN!" Ha! 

I'm so thankful that they didn't find anything serious. We are still praying for a full recovery! And for him to finally just once and for all PLEASE eat the chicken.

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