Sunday, May 11, 2014

And Then Monday Came...

It was Mother's Day, and the weather was gorgeous. Just like today, it was May 11, but my life was about to change. Forever. 

Eleven years ago. It was 2003, but feels like yesterday. My skin was stretched farther and tighter than I ever dreamed possible. I hadn't slept through the night in months. Even my maternity clothes were getting snug. I was two whole days overdue and feeling every second of it.

As much as I couldn't wait to meet my baby boy in person, I knew I would miss feeling those strong kicks and seeing my belly roll from side to side. Brand new life was growing inside me, and I couldn't get over the miracle of it all.

So I went to church on that beautiful day wondering every other minute if this could be the moment when it all would begin. It was technically my first Mother's Day, and I treasured it. The day moved on, and it became clear that he wasn't planning to make his appearance into the world on that special Sunday.

But then Monday came...

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