Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Appalachian Fair 2014

The fair was back in town!!! Our kids started talking about going to the fair weeks and weeks before it was actually fair time. We live and go to school really close to the fair, so there is no way to avoid it. Ha! We actually do enjoy going every year though. The kids always have fun, and I get to relive memories of all my fair-going when I was a little girl. We usually take the kids once, maybe twice. However, this year we went THREE times. We did our usual riding, funnel cake eating, and farm animal viewing. Also, Brian and Parker both had various shifts to work for Ruritan and Boy Scouts. Actually, Claire and I went four times because we also went with third grade on a fair field trip. 

The kids got to go in free on Monday. We also bought them the arm stamp for unlimited rides. Because we are fancy like that.

 We met up with Claire's friend, Sydney.
 Doesn't he look like he's having a ball? Ha!

 This duck had probably seen better days.
 Claire rode the mechanical bull and did really well. Her career options are unlimited.

 Parker and Brian at the Boy Scout Coke booth. Is it bad that I went next door and bought a Pepsi? #pepsigirl
 Claire helped Granddad in the Rotary booth. And by helping, I mean went in to talk and get free drinks.
 Claire persuaded me to ride the ferris wheel with her. This was our view from the top in the midst of my internal panic attack. I didn't want her to know I was scared, but it's pretty high, and I couldn't find any escape plan if it malfunctioned with me on top. Oh, and there's always the possibility of the seats coming undone from the very old hinges that the fair workers hook and unhook every week. We survived.
 Speaking of heights, Claire and Brian rode these new very high swings. I use the term new fast and loose just because they are new to our fair. They've probably been swinging for many years in other fairs far and wide.
 Let's just say I did a lot of praying while they were up there.

 Brian in the Ruritan building. From what I hear, he is the best deep frying, money taking Ruritan worker around.

 This ride was really popular. It went up and slung the rider around all while spraying water. It was a bundle of fun. I know because I rode it.

 No trip to the fair is complete without some treats!
 Yes, this happened.
We finally bid the fair farewell. 'Til next year of course!!!

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