Friday, August 29, 2014

Shraton Broadway Plantation Myrtle Beach

We've stayed lots of places in Myrtle Beach through the years. As much as we love being oceanfront, we've found that most of the nicer properties are not on the ocean. So it's always a trade-off, either oceanfront or nicer, newer, and bigger with more amenities. This year we went back to Sheraton Broadway Plantation even though it's not directly on the ocean. Now that the kids are bigger, it's a little easier for us to drive to the beach. I took a few pictures to post here in case anybody is considering staying there.

Here's Brian hanging out on the bed in the master bedroom. We really love that the units have two separate bedrooms and two bathrooms. It gives us lots of room to spread out. There are also one bedroom units on the property. 

Looking toward the living room and master bathroom from the bedroom.
Mather bathroom

Parker and Claire hanging out in the living room.
Screened in porch
In the living room, looking toward the dining area and kitchen
Kitchen and laundry area (I love have a washer and dryer to use on vacation)
Second bathroom
Second bedroom (Both kids are very happy to have their own big bed.)
I didn't get any great pictures of the pools, but you can see them better on the website under the features tab.  They have a nice lazy river, several pools, and a really fabulous children's area. There is a special gate just around the children's area. Inside there are some water slides of different sizes and a really cool pirate water ship.

There are lots of other things to do on the property like volleyball, mini golf, tennis, fitness room, movies, and scheduled games and activities throughout the week.

There are lots of buildings in this resort. They are arranged into groups of about four surrounding a pond.
There's also fire pits and grills available to use.
We found lots of little friends in the pond behind our building. There were always turtles, fish, and ducks to feed.
My favorite of all was this weird looking creature. I guess it was some kind of duck, but it sure was ugly. I worried about him all week because the other ducks were mean to him. I called him a durkey because he looked like he was a duck and turkey mixed. Anybody know what he really is???

The Ugly Duckling

These guys were very pretty, but they had bad attitudes toward the durkey

Even though Sheraton Broadway Plantation isn't oceanfront, it has a great location. It's right across the street from Broadway at the Beach (hence the name, Broadway Plantation). Since we spend a lot of time over there, it's really convenient for us. I also love that the property is gated, and they have great security monitoring all the time. I'm sure we will definitely return there sometime soon. 

Let me know if you have ever stayed there or plan to in the future. It's a great place!

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