Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Things To Do In Myrtle Beach

One thing is for sure, there are endless things to do in Myrtle Beach! I've been going to Myrtle Beach almost every year since I was born. Through the years, many new shopping and entertainment areas have opened. Here are some pictures of some of the things we did this year while we were there. I'll also add some links to other places to go and things to do if you are planning a trip.

 Of course, the beach and ocean are the main attraction!
 Our family enjoys visiting Pier 14. We like to eat dinner at the restaurant on the pier, then walk out to the end to see the great views looking up and down the beach.

Other piers in the Myrtle Beach area include Cherry Grove Pier, Second Avenue Pier, and Springmaid Pier.

One of the newer attractions is the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. We rode it a couple of years ago and loved the beautiful views of the ocean as well as the city of Myrtle Beach. During the summer months, the City of Myrtle Beach also has events such as live music and inflatables throughout the week near the SkyWheel.
 Many local theaters offer free kids' movies during the summer months. This year, we wanted to see a new movie that was out at the time. Movies are always a fun activity, especially if it's raining at the beach!
 Downtown Myrtle Beach, there are lots of beach type souvenir shops and restaurants. Lots of these bring back memories for me!
 Parker's favorite thing to do downtown is stand outside the Haunted House and watch the people who work there, the people going in, and the people coming out. He is so entranced every year. Fortunately, he doesn't want to actually go inside. (I wouldn't let him anyway!!!)
  One of the major places to go and do LOTS of things in Myrtle Beach is Broadway at the Beach. We always spend several evenings riding rides, shopping, eating, and playing mini golf there.

 This is a new ride that Broadway at the Beach added this year. It is SO HIGH!!! We did NOT ride it! Ha!

 There are lots and lots of restaurants at Broadway at the Beach. We used to go to Margaritaville every year because the kids loved the stilt walkers, fun music, and balloon animals. However, there is always a long wait so we've skipped it the last few years.

  We always play mini golf at Dragon's Lair. It's one of our many traditions when we go to Broadway at the Beach. However, there are TONS of other mini golf places to choose from all over Myrtle Beach.

The dragon talks and breathes fire for a show every twenty minutes.
 Of course, we always find treats!!! There are plenty to choose from at Broadway, but we also really like Kirk's Ice Cream Parlor in a different location.

Also, there are fireworks every Tuesday night during the summer at Broadway at the Beach. It is always a good fireworks show and fun to watch.

We also discovered a newer area called Market Common a few years back. Market Common has nice restaurants, higher end shopping, a playground, a movie theater, and Barnes and Noble. I love looking through some of the stores while the kids and Brian head over to Barnes and Noble or the playground.

Here are some other places to check out in Myrtle Beach:
Barefoot Landing
Ripley's Aquarium
Coastal Grand Mall
Family Kingdom Amusement & Water Park
Myrtle Waves Water Park
Broadway Grand Prix Go-carts
Myrtle Beach Golf (tons of locations to choose from)

Check back tomorrow for Myrtle Beach restaurant recommendations!

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