Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I interrupt these regularly scheduled Myrtle Beach posts for a very exciting announcement.


Megan (my niece) and I have been running a behind the scenes campaign for Chris to be chosen as the next Bachelor. I have absolutely no doubt that the millions of text messages we sent back and forth to each other with #chrisforbachelor were the driving reason that ABC chose him. As Megan said, "We know how to get stuff done"!

Boom. Fist Bump.

I loved, loved, loved Chris last season. Next season should be a great one. He appeared to be such a nice gentleman when he was on Andi's season. Of course, there's always some type of drama or something on the show that I wish wasn't there, but I really think I will enjoy watching Chris as the next bachelor. If you haven't been watching, now's the time to start! I need people to watch, so we can chat about it!!! 

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