Tuesday, October 28, 2014

39: Things Not To Do While I'm 39 Edition

My first list of 39 was goals for the upcoming year. So I figured, why not make a list of things I don't want to accomplish during the next year. Here we go!

39 Things I Do Not Want To Do
1. Eat green beans
2. Waste time
3. Care what others think
4. Cook the same things over and over
5. Be fake
6. Get another crack in my windshield (It's already happened twice)
7. Worry
8. Be sick
9. Gain weight (obviously)
10. Lose my patience
11. Miss opportunities
12. Compare myself to others
13. Stay up too late
14. Sleep in too late
15. Eat licorice (gag)
16. See a snake
17. Dream about a snake
18. Find a snake
19. Step on a snake
20. Watch a show/movie about a snake
21. Be bitten by a snake
22. Drink Diet Coke (Diet Pepsi is fine. Even Coke Zero. But not Diet Coke.)
23. Write with blue pens (It's ridiculous. I know.)
24. Get more wrinkles
25. Waste money
26. Eat at Quizno's (I had a very bad Quizno's experience one time)
27. Make excuses
28. Have my house infested with brown recluse spiders (or any spiders for that matter ~ did you see that news story???)
29. Be lazy
30. Be disorganized
31. Complain
32. Be discontent
33. Procrastinate
34. Run a marathon (no thank you)
35. Have chicken pox (I've never had it)
36. Be trapped (claustrophobic am I)
37. Clean the bathtubs (that's Brian's job) :)
38. Watch The Walking Dead (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?! Gross!)
39. Ignore God's prompting

*** Edited to add: I SAW A SNAKE!!!!! It was right across the street from our neighborhood which is entirely too close for comfort. Prayers appreciated.

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