Monday, March 9, 2015

39: Reasons I Don't Like Green Beans Edition

I'm continuing my 39 Series with a little silliness today! I hope you enjoy my 39 reasons I don't like green beans. So in no particular order, here we go!

1. They are slimy.
2. They taste awful.
3. They stink.
4. The texture is frightening.
5. When you take a bite, a little bean might pop out in your mouth unexpectedly.
6. They are stringy.
7. They are yucky. 
8. They aren't pizza.
9. They aren't chocolate.
10. They aren't fried (I can kind of tolerate a fried green bean if they are skinny and have plenty of dipping sauce. I still don't like them though.)
11. They stink up the house.
12. They stink up the neighborhood.
13. They stink up the world.
14. They make the food that touches them horrible.
15. They are gross.
16. They are despicable.
17. They make me sick.
18. They make me gag.
19. I mean really gag.
20. They are the worst food in the world.
21. They are the worst food in the universe.
22. They are dreadful.
23. They are appalling.
24. They are horrific.
25. They are horrendous.
26. They are repulsive.
27. They are altogether unpleasant.
28. They ruin the delicious fried onions in green bean casserole.
29. They grow in a pod.
30. They are a type of kidney bean. 
31. Kidney beans are gross too.
32. Just not as nasty as green beans.
33. But almost.
34. I looked up green bean in the dictionary, and they are described as slender.
35. I'm not a fond of slender.
36. Because I am not.
37. It also says they are immature. Ha!
38. I can't associate with immaturity in my food.
39. Because (based on this list), I am very mature.

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Karen 'Girl' Friday said...

Haha! Funny, but I like green beans! :-)