Monday, April 6, 2015

BB: Before the Break

We are just coming back from a week off of school enjoying Spring Break. Lots of pictures are headed your way including Easter and a big ol' crazy trip we took during the break. Today, I'm just catching up on pictures from before the break.

Claire and I went to see Cinderella with some of the girls in our family. We all enjoyed it (except Claire thought it was a wee bit boring at times).

 Claire and I had some extended girl time because the boys were camping.
 This fellow spent some time relaxing.
 St. Patrick's Day came around so we ate some green pesto pasta in honor of the holiday.
 Our family helped serve with the IHN ministry in our community.
 Rita's had their usual free ice on the first day of spring. Mama likes free, so we took ourselves on up there.
 Claire went to a birthday party for a friend where she got to ride horses. Oh. my. goodness. She fell in love. When she was in Pre-K, she rode a horse and loved it back then too. This time, she was begging (BEGGING!) to take lessons by the time we left. She's still working on her daddy about that little request. (Public Service Announcement: Horse back riding is an expensive hobby. In case you didn't know. Ha!)

 She's definitely a natural!

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