Monday, March 22, 2010

Let The Dancing Begin!

I am so excited that today is the beginning of the new season of Dancing With The Stars. I feel like I know more of the stars (and I use that term lightly) this season than ever before. So here are my thoughts:

Chad ~ He definitely seems confident and light on his feet. I predict he'll stick around for a long time.

Shannon ~ She was not my favorite on 90210 and not my favorite tonight (even if I have only seen two so far).

Erin ~ I thought she did a nice job. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her dancing because she seems to have some potential. I obviously have lots of dance experience on which to base all these opinions. :)

Jake ~ He definitely did better than I was expecting, but I doubt he'll take home the trophy in the end.

Niecy ~ She has lots of personality shining through which always makes the performance more entertaining. Fun performance!

Evan ~ Very graceful! He seems like such a sweet guy too which is obviously the most important thing in a dancing competition.

Buzz ~ What a cutie! I wonder what was so offensive on Buzz's shirt that it had to be blurred out! Ha! By the way, I love his partner Ashley. She was my favorite way back during the first couple of seasons. By the looks of things, I won't be seeing her for long this season. Buzz is doing great for 80 years old though!

Nicole ~ Very lovely!

Aidan ~ Handsome: Yes; Good Dancer: Maybe not so much (Side note: Edyta cracks me up with her leg warmers)

Kate ~ Oh my, she has a long way to go. She does look very pretty!

Pamela ~ What a lot of hair for a little person! Very entertaining, that's for sure! The dancing, not the hair.

Did you watch? Who was your favorite???

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Staci said...

Love the post! I really enjoyed the show last night. I have high hopes for Shannon (she WAS my favorite on 90210), but I felt like others did a lot better. I love Niecy Nash, so I hope she stays around awhile, although she didn't do great. I thought Buzz was adorable, but of course he doesn't have long-term voters. I would be happy with anyone except Pamela Anderson! Unfortunately, she was too good and will probably be around for awhile. :( I guess we'll see tonight!