Monday, July 5, 2010

What We've Been Up To!

I have some pictures from way back that I need to get on this here blog. So here we go...

Father's Day was a really difficult day for me since it was less than a week after my daddy passed away. I still tried to make it a fun day for Brian and the kids. We gave Brian his cards and gift that morning. He is so easy to please. He was very excited about this jar of artichoke hearts!
We made a lovely trip to the doctor's office because Claire had an earache which turned out to be swimmer's ear. Lunch at Target using Christmas gift cards made the doctor visit a little more bearable.

Finally, Claire is really learning to swim! We are so proud of her! Parker and Claire both LOVE the pool, and Parker got the hang of it last summer. She is doing great!

Way to go Claire!

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