Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great, Big, Exciting News!

We have some great, big, exciting news around here! Miss Claire got her ears pierced! She talked about wanting to get them pierced for a long time, but this time she was serious. It was totally unexpected though because she just decided as we happened to walk past the store last Sunday. We went to the mall to eat lunch with family, so they were all still there for the big event! The cheering section
The hands-on support team!
Claire holding the "Claire Bear"

Still smiling, taking pictures with her fans
A celebration Icee

Notice there are no pictures of me. I would have been on "the crying team". I'm not sure why it was so emotional for me. I guess it's just another reminder that my baby is really growing up. She didn't cry at all!
The final events of the day included pretending to be mannequins in the store windows. They are so silly!

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