Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Weekend 2011

Parker had to go to school Saturday to make up a snow day. He handled it fairly well all things considered. The rest of us just stayed at home most of the day. Here is a sweet picture of Brian and Claire playing together on the computer. We picked Parker up a little early because we had already planned to go to a birthday party Saturday afternoon. Parker and Dawson have been friends since Kindergarten. His little sister Hannah was the birthday girl. Hannah and Claire became fast friends waiting for the big brothers every day after school.
After church today we went to lunch, then headed home to enjoy some time outside on a warmer than usual day.
Of course we had to get our Valentine cards all ready for tomorrow.
He is really concentrating...check out that tongue.
While Parker spent a LONG time finishing his Valentines, Claire and I made some cupcakes.

I think we're all ready for tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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